Main Phone: 801-566-1884


1. What are your rates for collection?

We realize that not every account or situation is the same, Therefore we would like to discuss the best rate for you. Please contact us at 801-566-1884 to talk about the right rate for you.


2. Where are your offices located?

We are located in Sandy, Utah at 140 West 9000 South, Suite 9 Sandy, UT 84070. Please come in and visit us. Click here for additional contact details.


3. Are there any upfront fees or sign up charges?

There are no signup fees. We do not charge any fee until we successfully collect your business debt. This is called a contingency based fee, meaning if we do not collect, then we do not charge you anything. Keep in mind that we are very good at collecting your accounts your accounts receivables and we rarely are unable to collect.


4. Do I have to sign a contract for my bad debt accounts to be collected?

We do not require you to sign a contract before we start collecting your accounts receivables. We do require that you sign a simple authorization agreement to represent you. This contact can be found here.


5. What area do you collect in?

We are a local debt collection agency. We have experience collecting and we also cover the entire United States.


6. Do you require a minimum number of business accounts to be placed for collection?

We do not have a minimum number of accounts that you must place with us. We are happy to help you with any bad debt and we will show you that we are capable of collecting your business debts.


7. Is there a limit on the minimum amount placed for a business debt collection?

We do not have a minimum amount for collection. We know that you have worked hard for your money and we want to get it back to you.